Competition details

Check this page for any updates on competitions – completion deadlines, match results etc.

Our first competition is the One Ball. This is a charity event entered by most British clubs. It is a series of matches between two players, each of whom have a single ball at their disposal. 12 hoops and the peg are played, which makes for a quick game, so that all comers will have a chance to enter.

Monday 29th April sees our own One Ball (1). As many as turn up on  the day will have a knock-out competition, paying £5 each, which is passed on to this year ‘s charity, the Alzheimer’s Society.

Now comes the confusing bit. The September One Ball (2) is actually the first of a series of two, so that the April One Ball (1) is the 2nd.

The winner of each match plays the other and receives a trophy, and both winners go to Surbiton  to play winners from other clubs for the National One Ball finals at Surbiton on 12th May.

The really cunning part is that every fiver (entrance fee to the competition) ends up in the hands of the Alzheimer’s Society.  Great fun for all of us and dosh to fight this horrid disease for them. Fantastic!

New Website

Our new club website is now live.

The site is part of a Croquet Association project to provide websites to clubs around the country, and ours was one of the pilot clubs involved in testing the new system.

Check back for regular news updates.

Take a look at Wessex FM – we should be iun their guide for National Croquet Day

Lawn Maintenance

The outfield (the two lawns on the edge of the cricket field) will be given their forst mow by the cricket groundsman . Thereafter we have a rota that sees one mowing about once in 6 weeks.

We arrange working parties to deal with weeding and de-mossing the Briault, and marking out all three lawns.

The weather has been kind to us so far, so that we were able to start on the very first day of the season, Monday April 1st.

New members reading this can get in touch if they would like to help with lawn maintenace.