History of the club

The Lym Valley Croquet Club was founded in 1988. Bill Simpson was our principal founding member and we play for the Simpson Plate each season.

Another founding member, Frank Firth, stumped up £50 so that the club had funds. The brand new LVCC duly set up a lawn at the edge of the King George V playing fields in May of that year. We play for the Frank Firth trophy each year as well.

Soon after the club was founded the KGV committee offered us a piece of ground next to the field which could be devoted to croquet alone, which we accepted delightedly. For years the quality of the lawn was pretty poor, but in 2016 our current senior member donated a generous sum to re-lay and level a new lawn. Unsurprisingly, we now call it the Briault Lawn.

We still use the cricket outfield on Mondays and Thursdays when we have our club days and there are too many players for the Briault. The great thing about our lovely Briault Lawn is that we can use it at any time, unlike the outfield which cannot be used when cricket is being played.