Introductory Courses

This year (2022) we are continuing last year’s successful innovation of free coaching sessions every Wednesday morning at 10 am.. Anyone is welcome, from total beginner to improving player. If you’re a newcomer to the club, it would help if you contacted the Secretary (see’Contact Us’) beforehand so you’ll be expected.

After that, you can join us at a club session on Monday or Thursday at 2 pm or, by arrangement with the Secretary, at any other convenient time for two more free sessions. Having cunningly sucked you in, we wil gleefully sign you up at the reduced first year fee of £50.

Two of the joys of croquet are the lack of expense, and lack of pretense. Many of our members use club mallets, and of course all the hoops and balls are provided.

All you need to bring to the party are a pair of totally flat soled shoes. We don’t wear whites on normal club days, just when we compete. If you like the idea of competing, once your game improves, you will need white tops and bottoms, but they don’t have to be special, just white.